June 6, 2022

Annex to the Joom’s Terms of Service for Merchants

This Annex is an agreement between you and SIA Joom (“Joom”) that sets out the legally binding terms related to the provision to you of the JMS services as outlined below. This Annex constitutes an integral part of Joom’s Terms of Service accepted by you.

Joom reserves the right to amend this Annex at any time, while you shall keep yourself familiarized with the changes and notify Joom immediately in case you do not agree to the changed terms in order to terminate the Annex. Any changes come into force on the date next to the day of their publication.

Capitalized terms used herein without definition shall have the meanings assigned to them in Joom’s Terms of Service unless otherwise directly specified below.

1. Purpose and Scope of the Annex

JMS services shall be understood as the provision by Joom services enabling you to offer and sell your products on other platforms (each of which is referred to as “Partner Platform”) to individual customers. For this purpose, you agree and appoint Joom to act as your commercial agent and service provider in terms of listing your products offered on the Site on Partner Platforms and authorize Joom to:

  • Provide the Partner Platform’s operator with KYC or other documents required for registration and your operating (or Joom’s operating on your behalf) on the Partner Platform.
  • Choose the products to be offered on the Partner Platform.
  • Create a seller’s account on the Partner Platform and transfer via the technical integration between Joom and the Partner Platform information about products, any content related to you or your products, and information about orders of your products made on the Partner Platform.
  • Negotiate commercial terms applicable to your sales on the Partner Platform.
  • Manage your account on the Partner Platform.
  • Receive amounts due to you for the sales made on the Partner Platform. The amounts will be then paid out to you as per the conditions and within the terms specified in Joom’s Terms of Service.

2. Seller’s obligations

Before your products can be offered and sold on the Partner Platform, you shall accept terms and policies as required by the Partner Platform. In case the Partner Platform requires you to accept additional terms or policies or accept any changes in documents regulating your activities on the Partner Platform, you shall review them carefully and notify both Joom and the Partner Platform in case you do not want to proceed with any such new or updated documents.

You act as an actual seller and the party to the contract for the sale of products with customers in your own legal name and in accordance with the terms of service and other documents accepted by you at the moment of registration on the Partner Platform or at a later stage. You remain solely responsible for compliance with any such documents.

You remain solely and fully responsible for the quality and safety of your products, correctness, validity and reliability of any information and content related to your products. In case the Partner Platform request to provide any additional information related to you and your products, including any legal or KYC information, you shall be solely responsible for the timely provision of such information and its correctness and completeness.

You shall participate in the resolution of any claims that Partner Platform’s customers may have with regard to your products and remain solely responsible and liable for the resolution of any such claims and disputes.

Any change of the information about you (whether legal and KYC information such as your legal entity, address, representatives, etc. or your products) shall be made via Joom’s interface for sellers. You undertake not to make any such changes directly on the Partner Platform unless agreed with Joom beforehand.

You appoint Joom as an agent for negotiating commercial conditions of your operations on the Partner Platform. Any changes in such commercial conditions, including amounts of commissions applicable to your sales on the Partner Platform, shall not be changed by you unilaterally without prior agreement between you and Joom. In case of breach of this provision you will be charged with the amount of difference resulted from non-agreed changes (the amounts will be set off against the sums payable to you for the sales made on the Partner Platform in the relevant payment period).

Joom acts as a connector while setting up a technical integration and transferring the information about you and your products to the Partner Platform. In case there is an option to choose another connector on the Partner Platform, you undertake not to change the connector unless agreed between you and Joom beforehand. In case of breach of this provision your account on Joom will be permanently blocked.

3. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify and hold Joom and (as applicable) Joom’s parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this Annex or the documents incorporated by reference, any terms and policies of the Partner Platform or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

4. Termination

You can terminate the agreement with the Partner as per the Partner Platform Terms of Service with mandatory notification of Joom on that not later than 90 calendar days prior to such termination.

Joom reserves the right to terminate this Annex and block your account on Joom in case you create a separate account on the Partner Platform without prior agreement with Joom or otherwise breach any of the provisions stipulated above or that may be agreed upon in writing by the parties in the future.

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