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Joom audience coverage
Joom audience coverageJoom audience coverage
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Use our custom service for online Logistics

Joom logistics
Joom logistics
Joom Logistics is our own next generation cross-border logistics company, that covers all the steps for your online shipping.
We offer:
  1. competitive prices
  2. standardised procedure from the pick-up to the last mile
  3. detailed parcel tracking
  4. compensation of all costs in case your parcel gets lost

Promote your products more effectively with our advanced ML mechanics

Joom promotion platforms
Joom promotion platformsJoom promotion platforms
Our machine learning technologies select your most relevant products that we promote both with our own advertising tools and on external platforms, TV & Youtube to attract more traffic and boost your sales.


Integrate with Joom through our trusted partners, Joom Merchant API or work via Merchant Web UI.


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Take rate based on product category
14 days
Payout to Payoneer or Bank account

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